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Non–Prophet mix

New mix for

70mins, mixed. Mediafire. . Been sitting on this one for too long. Enjoy!

On Some Faraway Beach

repost from 2009


Safety Words

Saw an old friend in STL last week. Didn’t realize they made this mix that kinda blew up short while back.

It’s solid! Get it here.

Blonde Redhead – Signs Along The Path (safetywords Remix) by safetywords

June Mix

Download here.

impossible geometry

made this mix for tobey in twenty oh six. ONE of the BEST for one of THE best–RECOMMENDED.

clicker here

Doug Hream Blunt

I don’t even know where to start. I discovered this guy through WFMU’s heavy airplay list (something I intermittently check to sort of randomly stumble upon some new stuff I might otherwise never come across). Googling this fella led me to the following you YouTube track for “Gentle Persuasion”.

HOLY SHIT, right??
Someone else described it as “DAM FUNK x Ariel Pink”, which isn’t far off.
Martyn Pepperell interviewed Blunt and totally shares my excitement:

It’s kind of like the sci-fi/fantasy story trope about the shop weird shop you visit once and get a gremlin from. The strange shop you can’t ever find again and seems to have been replaced by a brick wall. I was obsessed and I needed to know more.

Definitely check out that interview — its good. I’ll leave you with some of these super choice videos, which basically render me speachless.

Ride The Tiger from Doug Hream Blunt on Vimeo.


click it.
via his tumblr
“with love and respect to enya and her music”

Steve Reich – Clapping Music, 1972

I love how simple this is. And how the audience’s applause “finishes” the piece.

Something about how low the volume is and how lame this video is is great.

totally makes me think of alvin lucier the way this is about the room

Seeing all these youtube videos is great –- it’s a nice documentation of the duet (more appropriate than the large groups) and the time and space they’re in.

and WHOA!! this guy!

Also, this:

Comus – So Long Supernova